Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keep Things Fresh!

Eating healthy is a huge part of my life. It is a main component of my day-to-day and I strongly believe it corresponds with your daily energy levels. Working an 8 hour day along with morning exercises and recreational soccer and volleyball leagues, it's sometimes hard to find that last burst of energy to function.

As for my diet, it consists of a lot of salads, egg whites, grilled chicken, fruits, veggies with the occasional red meat and potatoes. I tend to throw pasta in the mix as well, maybe a little more than needed (I can't help it.) Take it from me, this can get boring at times and it is imperative to switch up your routine to keep you persistent.

One thing I will add is that I do allow myself a "cheat day." This could range from a Monday night football game with pizza and wings to a "Taco Thursday" with my husband and two boys. Of course, they are all for these types of days because they get their mom for an eating buddy that day. This also helps myself remain in line with my diet, keeping things fresh and motivating myself to eat healthy during the week for that one rewarding day-o-goodies that I look forward to.

I will leave you with this fine advice below that I believe everyone should follow

Speak soon!

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