Monday, September 9, 2013

Best Time of Year

I'll admit it - every time my alarm clock goes off at 6AM, I want to scream. HOW can it be that time already? I feel like I just went to bed. It can't be.

But it is.

Fall is an amazing time to go trail running and also happens to be my favorite season. The temperature is a lot lower than it has been in the previous months and the leaves are changing colors which makes for a beautiful landscape. The way the sun is just coming over the horizon is re-engerizing when you just start out that morning.

It's a new day! A new chance to conquer this run. A new sense of motivation that creeps in me to do better for my body, mind and soul. The sound of the leaves underneath my feet, the smell of the mildewy grass surrounding the area, there's nothing like it!

Another great thing that I adore about trail running is it unlocks hidden hiking trails that I take mental notes about for a later time. Yes, I do love running and the feeling it gives you, but it's also nice to switch things up and go for a long hike. It gives you a work out more than you'd ever imagine, and I'm usually more sore after those hikes than expected. It's strenuous on your body and makes you realize you had muscles in places you never thought possible!

One last thing - I believe there's nothing better to finish off a great morning work out than with egg whites and spinach. I absolutely believe you need to replenish your body after all the hard work you put it through. Nutrition is vital when exercising. Just like after any long road trip - you need to refill the gas tank!

On a final note, my problem with outdoor running: always forgetting you have to run back.

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